Optional Workshop – Development of Crisis Resource Management (CRM)

09 Dec 2016
Kotelawala Defence University

Optional Workshop – Development of Crisis Resource Management (CRM)


Effective teamwork and communication in clinical emergencies is fraught with difficulties and potential pitfalls, many of which can have serious consequences on patient safety. Effective communication in onerous situations is a component that is not formally taught in tertiary institutions nor is inducted in the workplace. In order to assure higher quality and safer patient care, a teamwork based system has been developed and is termed Crisis Resource Management (CRM).

CRM is an evidence-based teamwork system developed to improve communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals especially in the management of a critically ill patient. Communication tools featured in CRM advocate the use of information, people, and resources to achieve the best clinical outcomes for patients. The aim is to produce highly effective medical teams through

  • Increasing team awareness
  • Clarifying team roles and responsibilities
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Improving information sharing


  1. Relate 4 key principles of TeamSTEPPS to clinical team performance.
  2. Demonstrate the use of 2 TeamSTEPPS communication tools when working in a clinical team.

Target Audience

This workshop is an inter-professional workshop and targets healthcare workers in hospital based practices but in particular those involved in emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, anaesthesia and critical care arenas.

0830-0845 Welcome
0845-0900 Introduction to SimMan Technical support
0900-0915 Introduction to CRM AP
0915-1000 SCENARIO 1 AP/Technical support
1000- 1045 Principles of CRM 1 AP
1045-1100 TEA BREAK
1100-1145 SCENARIO 2 AP/Technical support
1145-1230 Principles of CRM 2 AP
1230-1315 LUNCH
1315-1400 SCENARIO 3 AP/Technical support
1400-1445 Principles of CRM 2 AP
1445-1500 TEA BREAK
1500-1545 SCENARIO 4 AP/Technical support
1545-1615 SUMMING UP

  • Take Home’s
  • Feedback
  •  Q&A
AP Participants


Shanaz Matthew Sajeed