Dhanapala Rodrigo

Dhanapala Rodrigo


After graduation from the Peradeniya Medical School, Dhanapala practiced in the state sector for five years. He migrated to the United States and did a residency in anesthesia and a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia.

Dhanapala is a fellow of the College of Anesthesiologists and a diplomate of the board of Anesthesiology. He practiced in the New York state for a few years and then moved to California. He is retired and lives in Los Angeles. Since 1993, Dhanapala started visiting Sri Lanka on a regular basis to introduce CPR, Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He published a book titled “An Unfinished Journey”.

This is the story of his struggle in introducing Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. Dhanapala loves music and painting and played the guitar for a band in Los Angeles area for a few years. He was honored by the Kandy Clinical Society for the concern he had for the fellow countrymen. On invitation, he also addressed the College of Pediatricians on “a vision for our healthcare”.

In his retirement he pursues his childhood passion for painting. He is especially interested in portraiture and the portrait of Prof. Senaka Bibile he painted hangs in the library of the Peradeniya Medical School.