Kirsty Short

Emergency Physician

Kirsty Short

Emergency Physician


Kirsty is an Emergency Physician based in Sydney, spending the majority of her time as a Staff Specialist at The Sutherland Hospital.

She has a keen interest in ultrasound education, is an active member of the Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group in NSW (EMUGs) and is the Point of Care Ultrasound Clinical Lead at Sutherland ED.

Collaborating with the Australian Institute of Ultrasound, Kirsty has recently organised a set of tailored ultrasound teaching days aimed at increasing the cohort of locally accredited FACEM ultrasound providers.

On a statewide level, she is involved in the early stages of strategy development for EM ultrasound training in NSW.

Kirsty is a Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales and instructs on APLS courses both in the UK and Australia.

She first visited Sri Lanka on her elective as a medical student in 2003 although always felt that her time there was cut short.

Kirsty was delighted to return to the country as a faculty member on the Emergency Life Care Course in 2014.

Impressed by the enthusiasm and engagement of Sri Lankan doctors as well as the dedication of those working to improve the profile of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, this was one of her most rewarding teaching experiences.

She needed no persuasion to join the ELC team again this year.