Sujeewa Amarasena

Professor in Paediatrics

Sujeewa Amarasena

Professor in Paediatrics


Sujeewa is currently Professor in Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Ruhuna.

He has had specialized training in neonatology and worked extensively to improve neonatal health in Sri Lanka.

Sujeewa has also worked in areas of child protection, promotion of breast feeding, and newborn screening.

During South Asian Tsunami 2004 child protection issues and health response in disasters and emergencies were challenged.

He worked, during the aftermath of the Tsunami, for the protection of children in emergency situations to prevent trafficking, abuse, psychosocial support and follow up.

Sujeewa also worked during the end of civil war in 2009 in Chettikulum camp setting up field hospitals and caring for people and children affected with conflict, with a massive influx of internally displaced persons.

He has been an examiner and a trainer for the PGIM Colombo since 1994   in Paediatrics and Emergency medicine.

Sujeewa is an accredited trainer in Neonatal Life Support and Advanced Paediatric Life Support.

He has published and presented papers on breast feeding, child abuse, neonatology, newborn screening for congenital hypothyroidism