Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country on the brink of an amazing future!

After many years of internal struggles and challenges the country and its people can finally move forward unhindered.

Sri Lanka’s myriad appeals, natural, ancient and modern, are being explored by an increasing number of travelers that previously have passed overhead on their way to somewhere else.

There are reasons why these travelers are coming.

In a country the size of Tasmania there are eight UNESCO world heritage sites related to Sri Lanka’s 2000 plus years of culture.

Colonial Colombo and Galle demonstrate some of the more recent history of this ancient island.

Then there are the wonderful national parks boasting a growing population of Sri Lankan Elephants, one of the largest leopard populations in the world, as well as water buffaloes, primates, bears, deer, dugongs, whales and incredible bird life.

Beautiful beaches surround the country, with rainforests, highland plains and verdant tea plantations in the interior.

Medically Sri Lanka is also on the cusp of change.

For many decades the population has been well served by a universal health care system that extends free medical care to all citizens.

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care is evolving rapidly with the planned expansion of Emergency Treatment Units, based on an Anglo-American Model, across the country.

To compliment this there is an expanding, enthusiastic trainee base, and it is these colleagues who will be the leaders of critical care development in Sri Lanka into the future.

It is this enthusiastic group and their leaders that has allowed DevelopingEM 2016 to happen and given us all the chance to interact and learn from one another.

So join us and your colleagues this year in beautiful, welcoming Sri Lanka for DevelopingEM 2016.